September 17, 2017

About Us

Apex Water Treatment is started for installation and servicing of professional water treatment systyem, specialized for purified drinking water treatment such as filtering treatment, Reverse Osmoses treatment, Ultra Violet treatment system.

Pro Engineering Service Group is established for Air Con installation and servicing as LG authorizes service group. Pro Engineering is still growing with speed for ACMV installation and servicing.

Universal showroom is opened for trading of Air Conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator and spare parts.

Universal Myanmar Group Co., Ltd become a government registered company specialized for installation and trading of low, medium and high voltage transmission & distribution line and sub-station, ACMV(Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation) system trading, installation and servicing for commercial and industrial such as Hotels, Shopping Mall, Government’s building and Turn key project for water treatment/purification system for drinking water factories and trading, installation and servicing of high speed PET bottling machines, Filling machines, Juice and carbonated soft drink machine and accessories.
Our team has commitment to excellent mandate to provide synergetic and flexible solution for our client’s services needs in a non-confrontational manner. We aim to establish the client’s project requirements quickly, accurately and to respond effectively to their needs.
The development aim of Universal Myanmar Group Co., Ltd is to build and maintain a professional, client focused business, reliant on recommendation for the future contracts. We believe that the commitment to this principle has been a major contribution towards our success to and future.